Security Statement

Information Security Management Policy


Wisit Ltd is committed to protecting business assets against any accidental internal or external threat that could affect business continuity. Information is an important asset of significant value to the company, suppliers and all interested parties.


Responsibility for the creation of the company’s Information Security Management Policy resides with the Board of Directors at Wisit Ltd. Wisit is committed to continually improve information security standards by identifying and managing risks, and to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements.


Wisit’s objectives for information security strategy is to provide direction and support to ensure:

  • Information and business assets are secure against any loss or unauthorised
  • The integrity of information is safe guarded against modification or
  • Information remains confidential and not
  • All security breaches are reported to IT Support in a timely
  • Information security training will be provided to all
  • To comply with contractual and legislative requirements, including data protection and the privacy of personal

As part of the Company’s commitment to information security, objectives are set on an annual basis and are subject to ongoing review and amendment as required.

Mr. Craig Barnett

Managing Director